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September 27, 2023
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Organizing - Your Rights, Under the Law

Good Reasons to have Representation

If you are one of the tens of thousands of disenfranchised, frustrated, overworked and underpaid non-union workers in our area, keep in mind that many of our members were once in your shoes. There are options, and you too, could one day be enjoying all of the many benefits of Teamster representation. We are the Teamsters. We are 1.4 million strong and our membership is growing. Join us.


Please take a moment to read this section. They will explain more about the advantages of becoming a Teamster member, the services we provide to our members, and what you can expect from being represented by a strong, respected and powerful voice in the labor movement.

We also highly encourage prospective members to call us directly. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.

To protect workers from the illegal tactics many employers use to stop workers from organizing, the National Labor Relations ACT (NLRA) gives workers rights:

* The right to join or help organize a union without being harassed or punished by our employer.

* The right to have meetings at lunchtime or break time in non-work areas on company property without being harassed or punished by our employer

* The right to talk about the union, distribute union materials, or ask our co-workers to join the union on non-work time (including lunch and breaks) in non-work areas (break rooms, locker rooms, etc.).

* The right to go to union meetings and wear union buttons--in most cases--without interference from our boss or supervisors.

* The right to hold demonstrations and rallies about the union or about work problems.

When we support the union or engage in any of these activities, federal law protects us from harassment by our employer. This means our employer may not:

* Fire, discipline, lay off, or cut our hours for supporting the union.

* Spy, or pretend to spy, on our union activities.

* Threaten or question us about the union.

* Deny us the right to participate in forming a union.

* Pressure us not to join a union.
Organizing is our right.
Let's secure our future with a union contract.

The Teamsters are your voice in labor.

To speak to a Representative in our organizing department, call Teamsters Local Union No. 463

at 215-591-1000

All calls and correspondence from people interested in organizing will be held in the strictest confidence.

Card must be printed, filled in and mailed!


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